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Computer Glasses for Kids & Teens

Mind Bridge Kids Computer Glasses

Children are especially at risk when it comes to the dangerous effects of blue light exposure. Their eyes are still developing and they don't yet have the protective pigments in their eyes to help block some of this harmful blue light. Eye doctors reported 38% increase in effects from blue light exposure in kids and 54% of parents express worry about their kid's vision due to increased digital device use according to a study published in 2014. Mind Bridge computer glasses video gaming glasses were designed specifically to protect developing eyes against harmful blue light and UV. Our little-to-no tint lenses offer high protection and high transmittance needed for young eyes. Tests show Mind Bridge children glasses can effectively block 70% of the harmful blue light (wavelength 400~440 nm) and provide 77% high transmittance of beneficial blue light (wavelength 440~500 nm).

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