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About Us

Welcome to Crystal Hill!

Based in Columbus Ohio, Crystal Hill began with a real concern about what modern technology would do to our eyes given the extensive hour's everyone spends in front of digital screens nowadays.

Modern technology and digital devices may have greatly improved our lifestyle, learning, and work performance but NOT necessarily our vision due to the harmful effects of blue light!

We started the GAMEKING serials of blue light blocking computer glasses and extended our anti-blue light product line to cover all age groups including kids and seniors under Mind Bridge brand.

Our Mission is to promote protection and awareness against the harmful effects of blue light & UV that affect all age groups at affordable prices.


Our Brands

Crystal Hill houses three exclusive brand collections that provide protection against blue light and UV for different needs.

Computer Glasses Gaming Glasses

Computer Glasses for Kids & Teens

Computer Reading Glasses (with Magnifications)


Polarized Sunglasses

Night Driving Glasses


Our Giveback

Crystal Hill donates 10 cents from every pair of glasses sold to the Eye Cancer Foundation to help patients and their families fight against ocular tumors, macular degeneration, and related ophthalmic conditions worldwide.

We are proud to be part of the communities that promote eye health awareness & protection in this digital age.


Please take your time and look through our elaborately selected collections for yourself and beloved ones!