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Mind Bridge

Computer Reading Glasses Classic 8803



Mind Bridge Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses are designed to effectively block harmful blue light, UV, and electromagnetic radiation to reduce digital eye strains and promote eye health. MAGNIFICATION STRENGTHS are available in +1.00 diopters through +4.00 diopters with all half step increments included. 
  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT & UV - our patented amber tinted lens offer perfect balance of filtering 70% very harmful blue light in the 400~440 nm wavelength and allowing transmittance of 74% less harmful or even beneficial blue light in the 440~500 nm wavelength; 100% block UV
  • NO MORE EYE STRAINS & GLARES - anti reflective (AR) coating and tinted lens eliminate glare, improve contrast, and enhance depth perception, reducing digital eye strains, eye fatigue, and headache, optimizing visual acuity clarity with fewer distractions and more viewing comfort, and helping fall asleep faster. Ideal for working, gaming, or browsing on PC, tablets, smart phones, TV or near office LED lights.
  • LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY! TR90 FRAME offers superior flexibility, durability and wearing comfort. Classic gradient grey frame is ideal for both men and women.
  • MAGNIFICATION STRENGTHS are +1.00 diopters through +4.00 diopters with all half step increments included; FDA REGISTERED manufacturer and product
  • PACKAGE includes 1 hard case and 1 soft cleaning cloth. The outer box is made from 100% recycled fiber and is 100% recyclable.

Key Features:

  • Block harmful blue light
  • Protect against UV radiation
  • Normalize sleeping patterns
  • Improve contrast and reduce glare
  • Provide better depth and color perception
  • Promote visual acuity 
  • Relieve digitial eye strains, dry eyes, headache 
  • Reduce risk of macular degeneration over time

Your purchase with us not only makes your eyes feel good it also does good! We donate 10 cents from EVERY pair of glasses sold to the Eye Cancer Foundation to help patients and their families fight against eye cancers and diseases worldwide. Learn more